Medium Density Fibreboard

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), popularly called MDF Board is made from fine wood dust glued together with resin and then compressed under heat. MDF boards come in wide range of color finishing and sizes. Products made with MFD are widely affordable.


MDF boards are mainly used in cabinetry work such are cupboards, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes among others. The boards for woodwork are usually covered with plastic laminate to increase aesthetics and beauty.

The resin used in the manufacture of MDF boards is toxic and the board fibres are very small and easy to inhale, so these boards should be cut in a well ventilated area and preferably with a dust collection system installed. Wearing dust mask when cutting these boards is also recommended. Medium density fiberboard is usually covered in laminate to prevent fibers from becoming loose and airborne.

In summary, MDF boards are cost effective, have no natural defects and are easily machined but contain toxin resins which means saw dust created is dangerous and therefore should be fully sealed to prevent toxins from escaping and it needs to be cut in a well ventilated area or with saws that have dust collection system installed.